Book Review: The Last Wish: The Witcher #1

I've wanted to read the books for a while now, and I've finally managed to get through this first one. My fascination with The Witcher goes back to when I played the second video game, back in 2011. I never actually liked the game, but the story stuck with me. And since the release of... Continue Reading →


Book Review: The Agony Of An Age by J.W. Barlament

This fantasy epic is a three-in-one novel, with three separate stories following different characters on three different adventures. The stories are, in short: First - Rahdain, an immortal soldier is reluctantly forced to lead a final charge as the head of an army, together with Seivar the Deathless. Second - King Hallmund, after losing his... Continue Reading →

Reading Once Or Twice?

A little while back, I tweeted about the fact that I rarely ever re-read books. I have done it in the past, especially when I was really young, but it just doesn't happen anymore. A lot of people shared my experience, in that they usually always wanted to go on to reading something else, and... Continue Reading →

Editing: Paper VS Screen

I'm in the process of editing my second book, for - I have no idea, the plentyeth time. I've printed the whole thing out this time, a hug slab of papers, piled up on my desk. The plan is to go through everything by hand, then combined with my editors notes, and a whole bunch... Continue Reading →

Writing A Book In A Week

Short story: I was supposed to go on holiday for a week in November, but it's been cancelled. So I'm sitting here, a week off work with nothing to do, and everyone's doing NaNoWriMo. So I figured I'll try to catch up. My Goal: I'm going to write a novel in a week.  Since NaNo is... Continue Reading →

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