Book Review: The Golden Fountain by Zuheb Alep

The Golden Fountain follows a young boy named Benjamin on his strange and magical journey through the kingdom of Aradia. After saving Prince Adam's life, the two boys quickly become friends, and are both caught up in a huge conspiracy involving missing children, war in distant lands, and a magical fountain. This is the kind... Continue Reading →


A problem in the self-publishing world

Sunni D. Proofreading

I’ve seen it talked about but hadn’t encountered the problem in such close proximity until recently. Authors flooding the market with work that isn’t ready to be sold. There are sites that can be used for work that hasn’t been tested or, at the very least, proofread. If you’re dying for readers but you know your work’s not ready to earn you money, check those place out. Mingle, get to know your fellows. Find some folks who might not mind helping you clean that WIP up.

We’ve all spotted a typo here and there before—even in traditionally published work. Because, let’s face it, even the best at their job is probably going to miss something from time to time. We’re human. We make mistakes. It happens.

But when an author is flooding the market with work that is so riddled with errors that you literally can’t get through one tiny…

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My Experiences Doing Book Reviews

I've been doing book reviews for a while now. I thought I'd share some of what I've learned doing them. First of all, I do it because it's fun, because it's useful (every writer, when not writing, should probably be reading), and because it's helpful. You've probably heard "do unto others something-something?" If I can... Continue Reading →

Beta reading

Hey gang, I'm looking for beta readers and critique partners - people I can share my work with to get feedback, ideas, and critique. If you're also a writer who's looking for people who bounce your thoughts off of, and you're interested in crime thrillers, how about you drop me a line? Let's talk.

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