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*I no longer do reviews by request*

Things have changed around here. Doing reviews is fun, but with my own writing and regular life, things come in the way. When I started out it was easy to keep up, but these days I just can’t get through everything and I have to say no to a lot of people. That why I’ve decided to change things up:

*From now on, I do reviews based on my own choice of books, or suggestions*

This means that you can send me a book for suggestion using my contact form, and I will consider it. You can suggest your own book of course, or someone else’s. And then I’ll see if I’m interested and if I get around to it. So feel free to do that – send me suggestions. Audiobooks in particular!

There are a couple of reasons for doing this: 1) I get to read what I want to read, more often than not. 2) I get to read books from people who haven’t asked me for reviews, but whose books I’d really want to get my hands on. 3) Instead of having two TBR-piles, one for fun and one for ‘requested reviews’, I can slowly make my way through one huge pile, and 4) it’s easier to weed out some of the weird, lower-quality works that sometimes get thrown my way.

The positive side of this is that I’ll buy the books I’m interested in, even yours if you suggested it and I’m interested. So there you have it.

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