The Importance of Alpha Reading

When I write things, I'll write a first draft and then hide it away. It's something I think I've learned from Stephen King, from his book 'On Writing' (though I'm pretty sure I used to do this before I read that book). I do this for two simple reasons: Firstly, I like to work on... Continue Reading →

October Update & Back to Editing

October has come which means it's time for me to swap my work schedule around. September was spent drafting a fantasy thing, which I'm collaborating on with a friend, and I think I just about finished a first draft (Yey!) Sure, I know I need to add some stuff here and there, but it's best... Continue Reading →

Making Editing Fun Again

I recently wrote a blog post about how I changed up my writing habit. If you want to read it (which you do, of course, how silly of me to ask), you can find it here. With this newfound love for writing, I realized I had to do something similar with editing, the result of which,... Continue Reading →

How I Got Past My Slump

If you've been paying attention to my last few posts, you'll know that I worked really hard on my writing during December and then writer's/worker's block hit hard in the beginning of 2019. Good, now you're up to speed. It was weird, because it wasn't that I didn't want to write. I would sit down... Continue Reading →

Why Am I So Out Of It?

I've not been doing much since before Christmas. I had one really good and productive day since then, but other than that... nothing. Most days I just sit here. I plan to work, and sometimes life gets in the way or I don't have time, but I usually do. Yet I don't work. No writing,... Continue Reading →

Editing: Paper VS Screen

I'm in the process of editing my second book, for - I have no idea, the plentyeth time. I've printed the whole thing out this time, a huge slab of papers, piled up on my desk. The plan is to go through everything by hand, then combined with my editor's notes, and a whole bunch... Continue Reading →

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