Writing Prompt #2

, "Honey, look, it's on the news again. Hun? Listen, it's going to be fine. Let's see what they say?" I put my arm around her, turning up the volume on the TV. It's been four weeks since The Noise stopped, four weeks, one day, and six hours. The global phenomenon which seemed at first … Continue reading Writing Prompt #2


Writing Prompt #1

I want to do something different today. Writing is a lot of fun. I absolutely love it. But it's really slow. And I can never catch up with all the ideas I have, if I'm going to be able to make any type of quality work out of them. So I decided to do an … Continue reading Writing Prompt #1

It’s Like Music

Writing with words is a lot like writing music. Anyone who’s ever written anything musical will understand what I mean, and the rest of you… well too bad. When you write music, (for anyone who’s confused, I’m not talking about lyrics, I’m talking about writing/creating/making harmonies, melodies, rhythm etc.) – when you write music, it … Continue reading It’s Like Music