Work In Progress

One of the most fun things about writing is coming up with new things to write about! To just dream up new ideas, new plots, new places, new stories. Currently I have 3 WIP's that I'm definitely going to write, and 3-4 that I'm still working, to figure out whether or not I think they'll … Continue reading Work In Progress


Book Reviews!

Are you an author? Self-published something? Struggling to get reviews and/or find reviewers? Well so am I. So I've decided to do something about it! I read quite a lot. Sometimes more than others, sometimes sporadically, sometimes I'll have a reading break for weeks or months, and sometimes I'll read two books on a weekend. … Continue reading Book Reviews!

Leave a Review!

I recently did a free book promotion for my book The Consequence of Loyalty. And now I want to urge everyone to leave a review. (Of course I do, as an author I live and breathe for reviews, I'd rather have reviews than sales at this point, as do most author who aren't already racking … Continue reading Leave a Review!

Inspiration for a story – Characters.

I thought I'd write a little post on how I build my characters, so here goes. First of all, I usually tumble across an idea inside my mind, and when I do it’s as if I haven’t had the idea myself, but as if someone left it there, for me to find. I’ll look at … Continue reading Inspiration for a story – Characters.

Who Are You Writing As?

Do you have a favourite author? I bet you do. Or maybe a couple, a few that you read quite a lot, someone you just can't wait to publish a new book. Someone that probably helped you along on the road to becoming a writer and an author yourself. Everyone who writes, who wants to … Continue reading Who Are You Writing As?