Free Ebook!

Just wanted to let you all know that my crime thriller, The Consequence of Loyalty is free on Amazon this weekend! Get it here! US version UK version And you get bonus points if you read it, with a cherry on top if you leave me a review! Thanks all! Trey Stone


Leave a Review!

I recently did a free book promotion for my book The Consequence of Loyalty. And now I want to urge everyone to leave a review. (Of course I do, as an author I live and breathe for reviews, I'd rather have reviews than sales at this point, as do most author who aren't already racking … Continue reading Leave a Review!

Thanks Everyone!

My weekend-long free book giveaway just ended, and I have to say it's been absolutely fantastic! The repsonse was much higher than I expected, it started off a bit slow, but I was super impressed by the numbers in the end! Thanks everyone who got themselves a copy, and thanks a bunch to everyone who … Continue reading Thanks Everyone!

Why do you write Crime?

My wife asked me this the other day, "why do you write crime?" "Because I love crime" I answered, obviously. "But you read a lot more fantasy than crime?" she asked. I thought about it, and she's right (about everything I mean, not just this), I do read more fantasy, though I love crime thrillers … Continue reading Why do you write Crime?

Dossier and Origin stories!

So most writers, as you might have noticed, tend to give away some or a lot of their writing. Whether it is their first Ebook, a few unpublished short stories, or anything else, it's usually a great way to get people interest, and make people want to check the author out, because hey, free stuff! … Continue reading Dossier and Origin stories!