The Little Purple Book

Seeing as it's nearly Christmas, I want to tell a little Christmas story. (Don't worry, it's not one I've written.) It's about the time I got a little purple book for Christmas, from my aunt - and I'm hoping I can encourage the lot of you to buy books for people for Christmas. (If celebrating … Continue reading The Little Purple Book


Thank you!

Just wanted to write a short post, saying thank you to everyone who downloaded my book! I'm eternally grateful for all the response! If every reader did this whenever an indie author gave out a free book, the world would be a much happier place, I'm sure (at least for the authors!) Thanks again!

Leave a Review!

I recently did a free book promotion for my book The Consequence of Loyalty. And now I want to urge everyone to leave a review. (Of course I do, as an author I live and breathe for reviews, I'd rather have reviews than sales at this point, as do most author who aren't already racking … Continue reading Leave a Review!