Book Review: The Moon Will Not Rise by John King

We need to talk about this book. We need to talk about Ellen, Tom and the wonderful summer they shared together in 1972. This is a coming-of-age story first, and I'm not even sure if it fits in any other genre. But I doesn't have to. Coming-of-age describes everything that this is, and it's beautiful. … Continue reading Book Review: The Moon Will Not Rise by John King


You’ve already made it

Sometimes I get really fed up with the way people perceive writing and writers. I'm talking about (mostly) other authors, on Twitter and Facebook and Instragram and where ever, and I get that they're trying to be motivating, but I feel like writing, as a form of art, has an unhealthy perspective. You'll see a … Continue reading You’ve already made it

Thank you!

Just wanted to write a short post, saying thank you to everyone who downloaded my book! I'm eternally grateful for all the response! If every reader did this whenever an indie author gave out a free book, the world would be a much happier place, I'm sure (at least for the authors!) Thanks again!