The Consequence of Loyalty

The Consequence of Loyalty is the first book in my series of crime thrillers, The Columbus Archives.

The book introduces you to Jordan Greer, Dana Norman, and Gerard Martin who all work together under the FBI in Columbus, Ohio. The three of them together form the CRU, the Critical Response Unit, a specialist group that are designed to take on particularly difficult cases. They have been assembled and are lead by FBI special agent Sean Callaway.

The book throws you into the action pretty early on, as Jordan Greer is brought into the office one evening, with news of his friend and boss, Sean Callaway, having been shot. At first Greer can’t believe it, but special agent Lloyd Ackerman, with the FBI Internal Affairs assures him it’s no joke.


Though Greer finds this hard to believe, the biggest shock comes when it is revealed that the shooter is in fact Gerard Martin, his own colleague. Martin who serve’s as the CRU’s weapon expert and muscle, as shot Sean Callaway point blank, and immediately surrendered, without uttering a word.

Greer eventually meets up with Dana Norman, who like him has also been brought in for questioning. When Ackerman realises that none of them seem to could have had anything to do with the shooting, they are eventually released. But neither of them are capable of letting go, and keep butting in to the investigation at every possible moment, certain that Martin is in some way or other, innocent.

However, Ackerman is suspicious of Martin’s behaviour in interrogation, and the fact that he surrendered immediately strike him as odd. When Internal Affairs on top of this uncover weird occurences in Martin’s military past, they become even more sceptical of Martin’s alleged innocence.

Why did Gerard Martin shoot his boss in cold blood? What keeps him from being cooperative during the interrogation? How do you solve a crime with no motive?

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